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as an addictions therapist I have said "why do you want to be comfortable" When I hear a client say "well I'm not comfortable with that" I wonder what their distortion is telling them. "The Sober Truth" nailed it! Addiction has created havoc in the lives of friends and families throughout time. Were they "comfortable"? Why does a person seeking treatment need a private room, chef cooked food or 600 thread count on the sheets? What does "a view" have to do with healing. Rehabs today as the author says feeds into the entitlement that is part of addiction. I'm not proposing a bed of nails and sea rations but only basic, safe surroundings that focus on the ONLY thing...HEALING. How many times does a client need to hear the lecture on the disease concept, post acute withdrawal or the 1st step? As a profession we need to deliver quality treatment that gets to the core of their issues and help them heal. Are we offering a vacation to people who are dying and hurting or are we going to guide them to wellness?

August 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBonnie Mathews

As a 20 year sober recovering alkie and Betty Ford Alumni, let me comment. Luxury rehabs are all about the money, nice places to dry out and not much more.

There is the idea that the more you pay for something the better the quality, but this is not true for rehabs. You would be shocked at the amount of contraband smuggled into Betty Ford, in fact ALL rehabs are dirty to some degree or another. My son (a heroin addict) has been to FIVE rehabs, all well regarded facilities yet there were plenty of drugs inside. This is the little discussed dirty secret of rehab, walls cannot contain the problem.

It all boils down to personal commitment and motivation in the end. It's not the place that determines sobriety, it's the addict's desire that matters, but these are businesses first and therapeutic healing centers second and there are fortunes to be made.

November 30, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterlori in ca